Suddenly you have been shrunk.


Mysteriously, you have been exposed to a very familiar, but largely different world. What has happened to you? Are there other victims, or are you alone in your tiny plight? There are so many questions that need answering - but don't worry about that right now...that squirrel is looking pretty hungry.


With SMALLAND, the survival genre gets a tinier take that lets you appreciate the little things. Or flee in terror of the little things. The slightest breeze can sweep your items or even your house away from you. The simplest rainfall can form puddles the size of lakes in a matter of minutes.


There's an adventure out there waiting for you when you're small - a new world full of challenges to conquer and ecosystems to explore. Though take care, for this world is as dangerous as it is amazing. You'll need to keep your wits about you and craft tools to keep yourself alive in this new world. But with the help of your friends, you don't have to do it alone.



If simply experiencing the world from a new perspective is what you want, you can admire a breathtaking sunset or experience the beauty of nature from an all-new perspective in peaceful mode.


Being this small opens up brand new places you could never dream of going at your normal height. Protip: don't go into the sewer when it's raining.


The world of nature is about the struggle of survival. At this size you are no longer above this struggle. Every animal in this ecosystem is trying to get from day to day, and it does not matter to them if you do anything or not. Ants take food for their colony, cats hunt mice, life goes on.

A problem we've seen in a lot of survival games is that there isn't enough symbiotic interaction with the world. It could rain for days, and it doesn't affect much more than your mood.


But at this miniscule size, involved interaction with the world around you is all but unavoidable. You can't ignore rain or snow anymore.


In SMALLAND, the little things make all the difference.


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